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Software for the business of alcohol and drug testing: Smart Technology
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Internet Drug Testing Software as Service (SaS): DrugTest Network delivers drug testing management online.  Enjoy the convenience of accessing data & resource utilization over the Internet: manage personnel data, release drug test results to clients, import EDI data from the lab, MROs or TPAs, generate random selections, manage workflow and information exchange.  Technoglogy that's easy, yet smart; an affordable solution with everything you need in one place. What could be more convenient than that?

Access your account and manage your work from anywhere. It's the definition of convenience: any time, any computer, any platform, any browser with a connection to the Internet - including PDAs. 
Access is protected with unique user IDs and passwords and data transmissions are completely secure using 128 bit https encryption technology. Employee IDs are encrypted before they're written to the database.
DTNet assigns each user their own account and database. Each Account Manager maintains their own client records and assigns login IDs to administrative users with separate login accounts for Clients and their DERs.
Drug Test Industry Professionals (TPAs, MROs, SAPs), Hospitals, Occupational Health Industry Professionals, Employers, Manufacturers and School Administrators will find a complete management solution.
Manage your business, acheive your objectives for a Drug Free Workplace or simply keep your business in compliance with DOT regulations.
Use DrugTestNetwork's Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) utilities to manage data retrieved from a Lab or MRO.  Redundant data management is eliminated with DTNet's EDI resources. 
Manage Billing.  Assign Billing Rates for each Client.  Print Invoices, export data to your accounting system.

DrugTestNetwork: Software that makes the business of drug testing management efficient.


Web-Based Hosted Software:
• Secure Login: Administrators
• Secure Login: Clients | DERs
• Random Selection Software Utilities
• Billing Utilities
• EDI: Retrieve Electronic Results
• Quest, MedTox, CRL, LabCorp & Request
• Web-Based Reporting
• Consortium Management
• For Third Party Administrators (TPAs)
• For Medical Review Officers (MROs)
• For drug free school programs
• For Random Drug Testing
• Compliance: DOT Reporting

• Random Selections
• Policy & Procedures for a DrugFree Workplace